My name is Richard Wiemer but please call me Rich! I am from Long Island, New York and recently moved down to Tampa, Florida. When I was planning my own wedding at first, I was getting lost in all the details, with all the stress I had no idea where to start and felt like I was way in over my head with what I was trying to plan. My fiancé (now husband) and I hired a wedding planner to help us out.

  Adina our wedding planner, first grabbed the reins and helped us get a hold of everything. Then as we were doing the planning process, she told me I had a real knack for the little details. She offered me a job as a wedding planner for her company during our planning   process. I absolutely fell in love with creating magical   days and nights of a lifetime. I thank Adina Perrulo from A Perfect Day Wedding Planning for taking me on as an apprentice and being my mentor and teaching me everything I know.

  Over the last 3 years I have been able to create and be a part of so many couple’s special days across several different states. I could not be more thrilled to take the next step and create Elite Wedding Planning and bring   my expertise to Florida. I am truly excited for this new chapter in my life helping couples on their wedding   day because with all the time and energy that goes into   the day, they should be able to enjoy their day stress free!

Dreamer & Magic Maker


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